Agile Geoscience – Geoscience consulting for geoscientists

Baker – a resource blog on Baker-Nunn cameras

Jesper Dramsch’s The way of the Geophysicist

Federico Fischanger Geophysical blog

Steve Lynch’s 3rd Science blog

Seismos – An irregular blog about the science, history, and culture of geophysics

NASA’s Earth Observatory blog

UC Berkeley Seismo Blog


Calculated Images


Interactive everything


Ron Schott’s Geology Home Companion

Co.Design – business + innovation + design

Views of the World

Robot Overloads

The Story of Information

Robin’s blog – remote sensing, programming, image processing

80beats – from DISCOVER magazine

Loom – from DISCOVER magazine

ZMEscience – not exactly rocket science



Tech Crunch



Data Mining in Matlab

Future Planetary Exploration

Spacecraft Films – The definitive audiovisual collections of U.S. Space History

Wired Science – News for your neurons

Next Big Future – Coverage of science and technology having high potential for disruption…..

Physorg – Science Physics Tech Nano News

The Rossnaree Archaeological Project Blog

Steve on Image Processing

Earthquake Report Probably the best independent earthquake reporting website in the world


Earth & Solar System – Manchester scientists at work in the lab

The Petroleum System Blog

Bit-player – An amateur’s outlook on computing and mathematics

Cris’ Image Analysis Blog – Theory, methods, algorithms, applications

Sound and Light Reflections – News and musing on all things related to sound and light…

GeoSpace – Earth and space science blog at American Geophysical Union

Magma Cum Laude – Volcanology blog at American Geophysical Union

The Plainspoken Scientist – Science communication blog at American Geophysical Union

The Martian Chronicles blog at American Geophysical Union

Mountain Beltway – Structural geology blog at American Geophysical Union