Who I am – Matteo Niccoli (Linkedin profile)

I am a Geophysicist with a first class honours degree in Geology from the University of Rome, Italy, and a Masters degree in Geophysics from the University of Calgary, Alberta.

I have 10 years of experience working the oil and gas industry and 2 years of experience in the mining industry. I worked for Anadarko Canada and Canadian Natural Resources in Calgary, for D.O.N.G. Energy in Stavanger, Norway, and I am now back in Calgary with the Geophysical service group at  ConocoPhillips.

I also have my own company, MyCarta, which offers research and occasionally consulting in Digital Cartography and Visualization of Geophysical data.

What I blog about

I will blog about Geophysics, particularly data enhancement, visualization and interpretation, and also Image Processing, Visualization, and occasionally Planetary Science. My goal would be to publish original material about once a month, generally in the form of tutorials and case studies, often sharing data, results and code.

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