Hacker Roots

In Welcome to MyCarta, part II, I mentioned sketch2model a fun App project started at the 2015 Calgary Geoscience Hackathon organized by Agile Geoscience.

One of my team mates from the hackathon, Elwyn Galloway, just started writing at scibbatical a new science blog on WordPress.

In the next little while, Elwyn and I will be authoring together and crosspost a short series on the hackathon project.

For now, welcome Elwyn!


Some of my favourite undergrad memories are spending hours in the computer lab transforming geophysical processes into MATLAB code. There were only a dozen of us in my grad class, so we got to know each other pretty quickly as we helped one another through our weekly assignments. Though they weren’t group projects per se, I’m not sure they could have been completed without the constant exchange of help/code/debugging/advice. Those assignments required more time than

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