Do you know any cool apps?

I’d like to pick up my Apps page, which I sort of abandoned a while back.

If you have any great app to recommend, I’d love to hear about it so please add them in the comment section to this post. I am looking for Apps for Android and iPhone/iPad in the following categories – ideally free or very low-cost, possibly open-source:



Cartography and mapping

Planetary Science

Image Processing


8 responses to “Do you know any cool apps?

  1. I’d like to know what the best seismograph apps are. I have been wanting to pound on the table, so to speak for some time, to explore the impulse responses of different “sources” as a blog post. The best app would have good dynamic range, 3C, and be able to export the time series at txt or csv. Any faves.

  2. GeographCA, GeographAZ and Geology NV are pretty cool if you’re in those areas. They run independent of 3G and can be toggled to show any geologic (faults, hydrology, volcanoes) and human (mines, Indian areas, roads.) Enjoy!

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